While Military Commands all face similar challenges when it comes to dental and medical readiness, no two states or installations are alike. Rather than using a “one size fits all” approach, DOCS customizes a solution based upon your specific needs and environment. This tailored approach provides greater efficiency, flexibility and a significant cost savings while dramatically improving readiness.

Docs provides the following comprehensive services:

  • Dental Exams and Treatment
  • Periodic Health Assessments
  • Specialty Physical Exams
  • Laboratory Services
  • Immunizations for IMR/FMR
  • Visual Acuity and Optometry Exams
  • DOEHRS Compatible Audiometric Exams
  • SPRINT Testing
  • On location, real-time Denclass/Medpros data entry

DOCS’ superior performance, quality programs and dependability affords the Military long-term value. But don’t take our word for it. We strongly encourage you to speak directly with Medical Commanders and key personnel with whom we have worked, and let them attest to the exceptional quality of our services.

Defending our freedom is in their blood. We make sure they´re medically ready to complete the mission.
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