DOCS has been providing on-location dental services in correctional  facilities and juvenile detention centers for more than two decades. We  bring with us more than 65 years combined experience and leadership  working with these populations and overcoming the challenges inherent in this environment. Our system flexibility allows us to tailor our  dental program to meet the changing needs of each facility and the  specific populations being treated, while maintaining uninterrupted,  quality service and remaining within budget.

One of DOCS’ main priorities is the safety and security of the facility staff, dental providers, and inmates. Therefore, each new DOCS dentist works with a corrections experienced dentist before he/she works on their his/her own. Additionally, DOCS has never had a judgment against it in its history of providing correctional dental services.

The success of our Corrections program has allowed us to expand services and provide quality, affordable health care to other demographics, such as underserved children from low-income families and those serving our country in the U.S. Military.

They are on good behavior. It´s their teeth that have the attitude problem.
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